Get your image or name flown on NASA's historic mission.

NASA | STS-135

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Here is a chance to get your image or name on the STS-135 the space shuttle which is to be launched on 8th July, 2011, and you will also win a certificate for free. :)


The 135th and final space shuttle flight is targeted for launch on July 8, 2011. Atlantis will carry the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module to deliver supplies, logistics and spare parts to the International Space Station. The mission also will fly a system to investigate the potential for robotically refueling existing spacecraft and return a failed ammonia pump module to help NASA better understand the failure mechanism and improve pump designs for future systems.

To launch your face into space and become a part of history, just follow these steps:

  • Click here to Participate.
  • Print and save the confirmation page with your flight information.
  • You will start getting certificates on 7/20/2011, so  click here for certificates after 7/20/2011.

So enjoy getting certificates from NASA. :)

For more info Click Here.

~source: NASA Face In Space

Apple iPhone 4 in India

Apple iPhone 4 in India

After a long wait of nearly about 11 months Apple iPhone 4 is here in India. India being the world’s second largest mobile market had to wait for such a long time but finally was launched on 27th May, 2011 by mobile phone carrier Aircel.

Aircel launched it with a  new pricing model in which if a customer chooses a selected plan of 24 months or above is allowed to recover the upfront cost of the smartphone. The launch will be available in two models i.e. 16 GB model(price Rs 34,500)  and 32 GB model(price Rs 40,900).

Some of the attractive features will include:

  • FaceTime for video chat.
  • 5-MP rear facing camera with LED flash.
  • HD video recording, and
  • Apple’s A4 (operating system).

Bharti Airtel Ltd also made a launch of iPhone 4 on the same day.

Waiting for the user’s review by next friday, hope it  to proves to be a boon in Indian mobile market

Giveaway for Microsoft Fans

Here’s a chance to win lot of Microsoft goodies, its just a giveaway for the fans of Microsoft Technologies and Innovation Escalator. The goodies to be won are:

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup T-shirt.
  • Microsoft Cloud Computing T-shirt.
  • Authorization to various Microsoft Software (DreamSpark Keys).
  • Plural Sight Subscription for 90-days.
  • And a bumper giveaway which may include a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

There are simple steps which you can follow to make yourself eligible for these giveaways, the more steps you follow more are the chances of you winning and of-course creativity will be another aspect. Steps you may follow are :

  • Like Innovation Escalator and the author Shubham Saxena on facebook.
  • Follow me on twitter @shubham0987.
  • Do something crazy which shows you are a fan of Microsoft Technologies, share any wallpaper or resource kit or any application developed by you, write a blog on this giveaway having a link back to this page, blog about Microsoft Technologies, make videos do anything which shows you madness towards MS Technologies.
  • At last leave a comment here pointing point what all you have done.

Last Date: 12th June, 2011

Winners will be chosen by the set of judges who are developers at Innovation Escalator. So get set and GO.

Counter Strike 1.6 modify radio commands

Counter Strike 1.6

Hello all gamers present out there, this one is for you all… yesterday while returning from the examination center me and my friends were discussing about modifying the radio commands in counter strike (being a hosteler counter strike is the major part of our life ;) ), so here i am with the trick to modify the the radio commands in counter strike. It will be a completely new experience when you play your favorite in our own personal or regional language, the time I had done this am not leaving my PC therefore got late to write about it.

The thing you need to know is that the radio commands in counter strike are stored in C:Program FilesCounter-Strike 1.6cstrikesoundradio in .wav format.  Smart ones might have got the clue what to do next. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Find the radio command which you need to change, they are usually by there name so there shouldn’t be any difficulty.
  2. Use sound recorder to record a command in which ever language  you want.
  3. Save the recorded file with the same name which you selected in the radio commands directory.
  4. Replace the new recorded file with the previous one and you are done.

I have recorded many sounds, you may use any pre-recorded sound if u don’t wanna record…. it will surely add a new experience to your gaming.

Do share the links if you get any interesting sounds or if you record any. Hope you enjoy, cheers :)

India in Imagine Cup 2011 – author's desk

Hello friends !! am here with the statistics of Imagine Cup 2011. Imagine Cup is a world’s premier student technology competition and am here to highlight India’s position in Imagine Cup 2011. I also participated in this competition but unluckily didn’t survived to world wide finals at New York which made me curious about the statistics of India. I was shocked when I saw the result for the world wide finals, only 3 teams from India survived to finals when we had about 10 competition categories, total 124 teams from 73 countries. If you say that more than 100 countries participate in this competition so 3 finalists from a country are enough, but according to me India is a technically rich country and 3 finalists doesn’t sound enough to me.

According to my recordings we don’t lack in talent we lack in awareness, Imagine Cup has been a great platform since past few years but yet we don’t have enough number of participation’s, just give a look at the fig. below :

Imagine Cup 2011 India Statistics

the fig. clearly states that we didn’t participated in many of the competitions, all the categories of Game Development, Windows 7 and Orchard Challenge seems just resting, only 2-3 participants.
We do had a great no of entries in IT Challenge but still no finalist.

  • 2383 participated.
  • 511 advanced to round 2.
  • 0 survived for world wide finals.

I don’t have the actual records of Software Design but roughly:

  • 56 participated
  • 15 advanced
  • one finalist

comparing the above stats of IT challenge and Software Design a question came into my mind, Do we have just knowledge and we don’t apply them practically ??

Look into the stats and get yourself motivated for Imagine Cup 2012. We can’t change minds of people but we surely can spread awareness among students, go and register yourself use my referral code M643, and let the journey begin.

Get Free Recharge on any Network

Hello guys am here with a trick for free recharge, you can get unlimited free recharge on any of the network you use… i personally got recharge of about 300 Rs.
Steps you need to follow:

  • Like Shubham Saxena on Facebook and follow this blog. (Optional ;-) )

  • Compose a text message from your phone
  • Write PEPSI  FxxxDxx (replace x by random numbers 0-9)
  • Send it to 09213092130
  • You will get a reply… It will say Thank you for participating…. it means you have a hit. If you get a reply saying Nah… it means you have a miss. Try to get as many hits as you can, more the number of hits more are your chances to get a recharge, you will get your recharge within 30 mins if you are lucky.
  • At a time your phone may get a recharge of any random amount, but normally its 25 Rs. I got it 12 times (25×12 = 300).

Hope you enjoy trying trick and get a good amount of recharge. And yes the first point I mentioned is not the part of getting recharged but doing so will be appreciated.
Note – You will be charged for messages to send at a normal rate (your messages card will also work)

Microsoft Accuses Intel for Spreading Wrong Information about Windows 8 for ARM

On 17th May, 2011 Renee James revealed some details about the upcoming version of windows i.e. Windows 8 she said – ARM version won’t run legacy Windows apps (which were designed only to run on Intel’s x86 family of processors). She also said that Microsoft would release four versions of Windows for ARM processors, none of which would run apps for the other versions.

“There will be four Windows 8 SoCs for ARM. Each one will run for that specific ARM environment, and they will run new applications or cloud-based applications….They are neither forward- nor backward-compatible between their own architecture – different generations of a single vendor – nor are they compatible across different vendors. Each one is a unique stack.”
- Renee James

Microsoft was absolutely not pleased by the statement of Renee. Windows President Steven Sinofsky who really don’t like leaks was really annoyed… few day back 2 Microsoft employees were fired for leaking early details of Windows 8.
Microsoft can’t exactly fire Intel as a partner. So instead, it offered the following statement

“Intel’s statements during Intel Investor Meeting about Microsoft’s plans for the next version of Windows were factually inaccurate and unfortunately misleading.  From the first demonstrations of Windows on SoC, we have been clear about our goals and have emphasized that we are at the technology demonstration stage.  As such, we have no further details or information at this time.”
- Microsoft Corp.

“No further details or information” means that Microsoft won’t say exactly which parts of James’s statements were inaccurate. The part about legacy apps? The part about four versions of Windows for ARM? Both?
Expecting Microsoft to explain itself more fully at its September conference for developers. ;)

Windows 7 Run Commands

There are lots of run commands in windows 7 which makes your work simpler rather than searching that tool in control panel or any where else. Hope this list helps you…

hdwwiz.cpl – Device manager
appwiz.cpl – Add/remove program wizard
control admintools – Administrative Tools
azman.msc – Authorization manager
calc – Calculator
certmgr.msc – Certificate manager for current user
charmap – Character map
credwiz – Stored User Names and Passwords
control schedtasks – Task scheduler
compmgmt.msc – Component services
control folders – Folder properties wizard
control – Control panel.
cliconfg – SQL Client Configuration.
cleanmgr – Diskclean up wizard.
control desktop – Display personalisation wizard.
control keyboard – Keyboard properties wizard.
control mouse – Mouse properties
control color – Window color and appearance.
control netconnection – Network adapter settings
control printers – Devices and Printers wizard
dcomcnfg – Component services
devmgmt.msc – Device manager
dfrgui – Disk fragmenter
diskmgmt.msc – Disk management wizard
diskpart – Diskpartsevice.
dxdiag – Directx diagnostic tools
desk.cpl – Display properties
downloads – downloads folder
dpiscaling – Dpi scaling tools(magnification wizard)
dvdplay – Play dvd using windows player
eventvwr.msc – Event viewer
explorer – Libraries folder
eudcedit – Private character editor
fsmgmt.msc – Shared folder management
firewall.cpl – Windows firewall manager
fonts – Font properties
fxscover – Fax Cover Sheet Editor
gpedit.msc – Local group policy editor
intl.cpl – Regional settings.
iexpress – iExpresswizrd(to create /open self-extraction directive file)
inetcpl.cpl – Internet properties
iexplore – Internet explorer
ipconfig /all – Display Connection Configuration
ipconfig /displaydns – Display DNS Cache Contents
ipconfig /flushdns – Delete DNS Cache Contents
ipconfig /release – Release All Connections
ipconfig /renew – Renew All Connections
ipconfig /registerdns – Refreshes DHCP & Re-Registers DNS
iscsicpl – isci initiator
joy.cpl – Game controller
lusrmgr.msc – Local users and groups
msconfig – System Configuration Utility
msinfo32 – System information
magnify – Magnifier
mmsys.cpl – Sound manager
main.cpl – Mouse properties
msdt – Microsoft support diagnostic tool
mspaint – Paint
mblctr – Windows mobility center
msra – Windows remote assistance.
mstsc – Windows remote desktop connection
ncpa.cpl – Network adapter settings
notepad – Notepad
odbcad32 – ODBC databse administrator
osk – Onscreen keyboard
optionalfeatures – Windows feature wizard(turn optional features on/off)
perfmon.msc – Performance monitor
perfmon – Performance monitor
powercfg.cpl – Power option
rsop.msc – Resultant set of policy wizard
regedit – Registry editor.
rekeywiz - Encryption file system wizard.
soundrecorder – Sound recorder
sndvol - Sound volume mixer
stikyNot – Stiky Note
sysedit – System Configuration Editor
snippingtool – Snipping tool
sysdm.cpl – System properties
services.msc – Services wizard
syskey – Windows System Security Tool
secpol.msc – Local security policy wizard
sigverif – File signature verification tool
timedate.cpl – Time and date updation wizard
tabcal – Digitizer calibration tool
telephon.cpl – Phone and Modem Options
taskmgr – Task manage
utilman – Ease of access center
verifier  – Driver verifier manager.
wmimgmt.msc – Windows Management Instrumentation
wscui.cpl – Action center
write – Word pad

91 commands !!! :)

Intel Polaris 80-core CPU.

The Teraflops Research Chip (also called Polaris) is the first processor prototype developed by Intel’s Tera-scale Computing Research Program in multi-core and energy efficient computing. The processor was briefly presented at the IDF on September 26, 2006 and officially announced on February 11, 2007 and shown working at the 2007 ISSCC.
The chip contains 80 cores, each containing two programmable floating point engines and one 5-port messaging passing router. Constructed using a 65 nm CMOS process, the die is 12.64 mm by 21.72 mm (274.5 mm²) and contains 100 million transistors. The package is connected through a 1248 pin LGA with 343 signal pins.
Running at 3.16 GHz the chip achieved 1.01 TFLOPS with a total power consumption of 62 W and an on-chip temperature of 110 °C (383 K).[1] Increasing frequency to 5.7 GHz and power to 265 W increased performance to 1.81 TFLOPS and later 2 TFLOPS.

i know its late but the facts are really amazing… !!!

10 reasons why to buy Windows Phone 7

Windows phone 7 has already made a great impact on market, everyone who works on a business class phone says that it has good looks and promising features. Top 10 features in WP7 according to great surveys around the world are listed below :

  1. Smooth transitional user interface
  2. Informative lock screen and auto-hidden top status bar
  3. Good Office integration and support
  4. Bing search page and functionality
  5. Easy setup for Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Mail, and others
  6. Functional QWERTY keyboard
  7. Cool camera software
  8. Tellme voice search
  9. Powerful Outlook email, calendar, and contacts client
  10. Zune HD functionality

Whats Still Missing ??

The top most features in which Windows Phone 7 lacks are -

  • Limited multi-tasking.

Just like the previous versions of the iPhone, you can have native apps running in the background so you could listen to Zune HD streaming content while surfing the web and receiving emails on the go.There are several other areas that need work, such as the games in Xbox Live, Twitter support, 3rd party apps, and more.

 But above all mentioned missing attributes of WP7… its still a great deal in mobile market… hope u enjoy WP7… :)