Add a Settings Panel in Charm Bar – Privacy Policy

Charm Bar is a brand new feature of Windows and is seen for the first time, it can be referred to as universal toolbar and thus you can access it from anywhere no matter which application you are working on. The two ways in which you can access the Charm Bar is, firstly, by dragging your mouse pointer to the top or bottom right corner of the screen (since the show desktop thing is also at the bottom right, I prefer the top right corner). You can alternatively press the Windows+C button on your computer to invoke the bar.

Charm Bar

The Settings charm provides a single access point to all settings that are relevant in the user’s current context. The Settings charm is always available. Regardless of context, settings include system settings that always apply, system-brokered settings that enable users to control an app’s access to system devices and capabilities, and settings that are specified by the current app.

I will show you a step wise instruction on how to add a item in settings charm bar.

Step 1 : Add the Following Namespaces

using Windows.UI.ApplicationSettings;
using Windows.UI.Popups;

Step 2 : Next you need to register for “CommandsRequested” in your page, Add the handler during app initialization

SettingsPane.GetForCurrentView().CommandsRequested += OnSettingsPaneCommandRequested;

Step 3 : Add my handler that shows the settings text

private void OnSettingsPaneCommandRequested(SettingsPane sender,SettingsPaneCommandsRequestedEventArgs args)
// Add the commands one by one to the settings panel
args.Request.ApplicationCommands.Add(new SettingsCommand(“commandID”, “Command Name”, DoOperation));

Step 4 :  Add DoOperation method

private void DoOperation(IUICommand command)
// Write the logic here that you want to do, when the user clicks it

This is all, you are done. Privacy policy is the major need of app developers these days, they need to add a privacy policy in Settings charm, below is the DoOperation method for adding a privacy policy.

private async void DoOperation(IUICommand command)
Uri uri = new Uri(“<insert web url to your privacy policy here>”);
await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(uri);


Enjoy. Download Source code.

Points To Remember While Developing App For Windows 8

Recently I attended Windows 8 AppFest at Banglore and preparing now for Wowzapp (Windows 8 Hackathon) in Agra and learned a lot about developing Windows 8 apps, and I found many folks here are confused about the metro style apps (Windows RT Style). This post is to keep in mind some points what to do and what not to do while developing apps for Windows 8.

Use of Buttons

Use of buttons in Windows 8 apps is strictly prohibited, it’s not that the button control is not present there, but the classic button view is ignored and preferred not to be used, as the Windows 8 UI is completely a new one and these buttons make them look clumsy. There won’t be any issues while getting your app certified but ignoring them are the standard developing rules, you can use the Image element instead and can use the image click events to add events to it or if you want to stick to button control you need to completely customize it, use some background foreground images and color such that it doesn’t look like a classic button.

Color Range

I have seen many developers adding gradient in the background which may look good to them but not to all the users, so try to keep your app simple and don’t add such gradients use a single color in your background and some contrast color for the foreground items.

App Bar

This is located at the bottom of the app and comes up when the app is right clicked, this contains all the actions that can be performed on that particular app page. Your app page is meant to be kept very clean just the data that is to be accessed and all the setting/actions/navigation should come to the charm, app bar or navigation bar.

Navigation Bar

This is located at the top of the application and comes up on right click, this contains all the navigation’s which are possible, like menu items etc. remember menu items can’t be in the app bar, app bar only contains the actions to be performed on a particular page. Having a separate view of AppBar and NavigationBar in mind is very important.

Few other points to be kept in mind are :

  • Your app should be Fast and Fluid
  • Snap and Scale Beautifully
  • Use the right Contracts
  • Invest in a Great Tile
  • Feel Connected and Alive
  • Embrace Metro Principles

Hope you emerge out to be a great app developer, cheers.

TCS Campus Drive 2013 Batch: My Experience

Date of Drive : 12-13th Oct, 2012

Venue : Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Mathura

Appearing for TCS was fun, as it was the first company in our college so was full with enthusiasm. I would mention that all the rumors that say that the aptitude test is hard this time are actually true. The level of aptitude question are different this time, some of them are so lengthy that before attempting the question you will think 5 times shall I attempt it or not. The major topics they covered in aptitude test were Time and Work, Statements, Reasoning and Probability.

Tips: Do not go in the first slots of aptitude tests, wait outside and ask students about the aptitude questions they are getting and prepare those questions because in the end you will get almost all the repeated questions. Never forget to check for the latest aptitude papers, the questions which came in my test were updated on on the same day morning (I checked them after I gave the paper ). And the ones who say R.S Agarwal is of no use don’t trust them, brush up your skills with R.S Agarwal.

Technical Interview: Apart from the 2-3 subjects you prepare as your favorite or major subjects, you should have sound knowledge of Operating System and Database Management System. It doesn’t matter that you are from Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics or any other branch they have high technical requirements this time. Sometime they ask silly questions also like :

  • What is the difference between Activa and Bike ?
  • How satellite is made ?
  • How pen works ?
  • How is the data refreshed ? (some of them answered by pressing F5 and to my surprise he was impressed.)

Some technical questions included :

  • What is sealed class in ?
  • What is friend function ?
  • Types of JOIN in DBMS ?
  • Simple pattern programs ?
  • TRY and CATCH block

Tips: Do not try to fool the interviewer if you don’t know the answer simply say “Sir, I haven’t prepared could you please ask me from these topics”. It doesn’t gives a bad impact but in this case be ready for high level of questions on the topics you mention.

e.g In my interview he asked me any experience with database I said have done some SQL queries but in his assessment form he mentioned DBMS and started asking me questions from DBMS, I tried my level best to answer as many questions as I could but then I said “Sir in DBMS I have done SQL queries only”, no problem he said but then the query he gave was not the normal SELECT or UPDATE query, he asked me to write the query for INNER JOIN. Same happened with me in C and JAVA, I frankly told him I’m much comfortable with C as I studied CORE JAVA in my first year of B.Tech.

MR Interview: This interview was completely focused on the summer industrial training, they expect you to speak about your project as much as you can, I explained my project for about 20 mins (I told him the things which were not implemented in my project). Be ready for the common question in MR round i.e What are your strength and what are your weakness ?

Tips: Be loud and clear and confident about your project, this interview tests how much you can speak, he will ask you to start your project and will not ask you to stop, explain him as much as you can.

HR Interview: This was the easiest of all, I would mention here that HRs from TCS are very sweet, they are polite while talking and never stress you. A female took my HR interview and she was very sweet, I don’t know I impressed her or not but she surely impressed me, firstly she made me feel relaxed then our interview started. You must have a long intro ready for yourself. Learn TCS values, mission, goals, vision and all the things mentioned about them on recent news. Try to gather knowledge about TCS as much as you can.

Tips: Always have an eye contact, match up to the pitch of the interviewer. Few general questions include, your strength, are you adaptable, ready to work on different locations. This will be the easiest one trust me.

At the starting I thought my technical will be the best and HR will be so so, but it went totally opposite. Finally got selected feels good I’m a TCSer now. Hope this helps you. Best of luck.

If anyone wants sample interview questions and aptitude questions from my campus drive questions, mail me at