Counter Strike 1.6 modify radio commands

Counter Strike 1.6

Hello all gamers present out there, this one is for you all… yesterday while returning from the examination center me and my friends were discussing about modifying the radio commands in counter strike (being a hosteler counter strike is the major part of our life ;) ), so here i am with the trick to modify the the radio commands in counter strike. It will be a completely new experience when you play your favorite in our own personal or regional language, the time I had done this am not leaving my PC therefore got late to write about it.

The thing you need to know is that the radio commands in counter strike are stored in C:Program FilesCounter-Strike 1.6cstrikesoundradio in .wav format.  Smart ones might have got the clue what to do next. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Find the radio command which you need to change, they are usually by there name so there shouldn’t be any difficulty.
  2. Use sound recorder to record a command in which ever language  you want.
  3. Save the recorded file with the same name which you selected in the radio commands directory.
  4. Replace the new recorded file with the previous one and you are done.

I have recorded many sounds, you may use any pre-recorded sound if u don’t wanna record…. it will surely add a new experience to your gaming.

Do share the links if you get any interesting sounds or if you record any. Hope you enjoy, cheers :)