Introduction to Windows Presentation Fondation

Uh …. hello … I’ll start my first technical article with the technology WindowsPresentation Foundation
then it’s my favorite. First, what is Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?Windows Presentation Foundation is the next generation of Microsoft UIframework
to create applications with rich user exprience.
It is part. NET Framework 3.0 and above.
WPF combines applications with graphical user interfaces (2D, 3D), the documentand multimedia.
Vector rendering engine uses hardware acceleration of modern graphics cards.
This makes the interface faster, scalable and resolution independent following figuregives an overview of the WPF maininnovations

Now let’s go further with the separation of appearance and behavior

WPF separates the development of user interface behavior.
The onset is usually specified in the Extensible Application Markup Language(XAML)
The behavior is implemented and managed in a programming language C # orVisual Basic.
The two parts are connected by data link, events and commands.
The separation of appearance and behavior has the following advantages:

A-Look and loosely coupled
2-designers and developers can work on separate forms.
3-L’Outils graphics can work on simple XML documents instead of analyzing the code.


rich composition

Controls in WPF are extremely composable. You can définirpratiquement any type ofcontrol that the content of another. Although stop horrible flexibility to designers, it is avery powerful if you use appropriate. Put a picture in a button to create a buttonimage, or to a list of videos in a combobox to select a video file.

<StackPanel Orientation= »Horizontal »>
<Image Source= »wpfbutton.png » Stretch= »Uniform »/>
<TextBlock Text= »Play Sound » />
it will display this:
Highly customizable: Because of the strict separation of appearance and behavior you can easily change the appearance of control. The concept of styles you can change the appearance control almost like CSS in HTML. Templates allow you to change the entire look of a contrôle.L following example shows a default button in a WPF custom button.

Resolution of independence, all the measures in WPF are logical units - no pixels. Aunitélogique is a 1 / 96 of an inch. If you increase the resolution of your screen, the user interface remain the same size. DepuisWPF based on a vector rendering engine is incredibly easy to build scalable user interfaces.

So to conclude this article is just a quick overview, I would say that WPF is the future of desktop application development at Microsoft.

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Windows 7 Run Commands

There are lots of run commands in windows 7 which makes your work simpler rather than searching that tool in control panel or any where else. Hope this list helps you…

hdwwiz.cpl – Device manager
appwiz.cpl – Add/remove program wizard
control admintools – Administrative Tools
azman.msc – Authorization manager
calc – Calculator
certmgr.msc – Certificate manager for current user
charmap – Character map
credwiz – Stored User Names and Passwords
control schedtasks – Task scheduler
compmgmt.msc – Component services
control folders – Folder properties wizard
control – Control panel.
cliconfg – SQL Client Configuration.
cleanmgr – Diskclean up wizard.
control desktop – Display personalisation wizard.
control keyboard – Keyboard properties wizard.
control mouse – Mouse properties
control color – Window color and appearance.
control netconnection – Network adapter settings
control printers – Devices and Printers wizard
dcomcnfg – Component services
devmgmt.msc – Device manager
dfrgui – Disk fragmenter
diskmgmt.msc – Disk management wizard
diskpart – Diskpartsevice.
dxdiag – Directx diagnostic tools
desk.cpl – Display properties
downloads – downloads folder
dpiscaling – Dpi scaling tools(magnification wizard)
dvdplay – Play dvd using windows player
eventvwr.msc – Event viewer
explorer – Libraries folder
eudcedit – Private character editor
fsmgmt.msc – Shared folder management
firewall.cpl – Windows firewall manager
fonts – Font properties
fxscover – Fax Cover Sheet Editor
gpedit.msc – Local group policy editor
intl.cpl – Regional settings.
iexpress – iExpresswizrd(to create /open self-extraction directive file)
inetcpl.cpl – Internet properties
iexplore – Internet explorer
ipconfig /all – Display Connection Configuration
ipconfig /displaydns – Display DNS Cache Contents
ipconfig /flushdns – Delete DNS Cache Contents
ipconfig /release – Release All Connections
ipconfig /renew – Renew All Connections
ipconfig /registerdns – Refreshes DHCP & Re-Registers DNS
iscsicpl – isci initiator
joy.cpl – Game controller
lusrmgr.msc – Local users and groups
msconfig – System Configuration Utility
msinfo32 – System information
magnify – Magnifier
mmsys.cpl – Sound manager
main.cpl – Mouse properties
msdt – Microsoft support diagnostic tool
mspaint – Paint
mblctr – Windows mobility center
msra – Windows remote assistance.
mstsc – Windows remote desktop connection
ncpa.cpl – Network adapter settings
notepad – Notepad
odbcad32 – ODBC databse administrator
osk – Onscreen keyboard
optionalfeatures – Windows feature wizard(turn optional features on/off)
perfmon.msc – Performance monitor
perfmon – Performance monitor
powercfg.cpl – Power option
rsop.msc – Resultant set of policy wizard
regedit – Registry editor.
rekeywiz - Encryption file system wizard.
soundrecorder – Sound recorder
sndvol - Sound volume mixer
stikyNot – Stiky Note
sysedit – System Configuration Editor
snippingtool – Snipping tool
sysdm.cpl – System properties
services.msc – Services wizard
syskey – Windows System Security Tool
secpol.msc – Local security policy wizard
sigverif – File signature verification tool
timedate.cpl – Time and date updation wizard
tabcal – Digitizer calibration tool
telephon.cpl – Phone and Modem Options
taskmgr – Task manage
utilman – Ease of access center
verifier  – Driver verifier manager.
wmimgmt.msc – Windows Management Instrumentation
wscui.cpl – Action center
write – Word pad

91 commands !!! :)