What is Kendo UI ?

Web has been transforming since a long time and now the web demand rich and interactive web applications, and developing those kind of  applications developers need vast range of developer tools in their toolbox. Today, we are going to learn about Kendo UI which is a new exciting JAVASCRIPT tool set, it provides all the […]

Starting with Emgu CV

What is Emgu CV ? Before learning what is Emgu CV, one should know what is Open CV. Open CV It stands for Open Source Computer Vision, it was designed especially for computational efficiency with strong focus on real time applications.  It is written in optimized C/C++, and can take advantage of multi-core processing. In Image […]

Android Development – Getting Started

I hope the Android Development - Intro helped you in configuring your machine for developing Android apps, in this tutorial we will quick start our first Android app. Here is a step wise article. Step 1 – Start the eclipse extracted from the adt-bundle  i.e  %….%adt-bundle-windows/eclipse/eclipse.exe Step 2 – A workspace launcher will popup and you have […]

Android Development – Intro

Since last few days I was trying to get my hands on some new technology, tried many but finally landed with Android Development. The only thing which attracted me to this is that I can deploy my apps directly to my phone. Here is a quick tutorial how to get started. Android plugins are available […]