India in Imagine Cup 2011 – author's desk

Hello friends !! am here with the statistics of Imagine Cup 2011. Imagine Cup is a world’s premier student technology competition and am here to highlight India’s position in Imagine Cup 2011. I also participated in this competition but unluckily didn’t survived to world wide finals at New York which made me curious about the statistics of India. I was shocked when I saw the result for the world wide finals, only 3 teams from India survived to finals when we had about 10 competition categories, total 124 teams from 73 countries. If you say that more than 100 countries participate in this competition so 3 finalists from a country are enough, but according to me India is a technically rich country and 3 finalists doesn’t sound enough to me.

According to my recordings we don’t lack in talent we lack in awareness, Imagine Cup has been a great platform since past few years but yet we don’t have enough number of participation’s, just give a look at the fig. below :

Imagine Cup 2011 India Statistics

the fig. clearly states that we didn’t participated in many of the competitions, all the categories of Game Development, Windows 7 and Orchard Challenge seems just resting, only 2-3 participants.
We do had a great no of entries in IT Challenge but still no finalist.

  • 2383 participated.
  • 511 advanced to round 2.
  • 0 survived for world wide finals.

I don’t have the actual records of Software Design but roughly:

  • 56 participated
  • 15 advanced
  • one finalist

comparing the above stats of IT challenge and Software Design a question came into my mind, Do we have just knowledge and we don’t apply them practically ??

Look into the stats and get yourself motivated for Imagine Cup 2012. We can’t change minds of people but we surely can spread awareness among students, go and register yourself use my referral code M643, and let the journey begin.