Get Free Recharge on any Network

Hello guys am here with a trick for free recharge, you can get unlimited free recharge on any of the network you use… i personally got recharge of about 300 Rs.
Steps you need to follow:

  • Like Shubham Saxena on Facebook and follow this blog. (Optional ;-) )

  • Compose a text message from your phone
  • Write PEPSI  FxxxDxx (replace x by random numbers 0-9)
  • Send it to 09213092130
  • You will get a reply… It will say Thank you for participating…. it means you have a hit. If you get a reply saying Nah… it means you have a miss. Try to get as many hits as you can, more the number of hits more are your chances to get a recharge, you will get your recharge within 30 mins if you are lucky.
  • At a time your phone may get a recharge of any random amount, but normally its 25 Rs. I got it 12 times (25×12 = 300).

Hope you enjoy trying trick and get a good amount of recharge. And yes the first point I mentioned is not the part of getting recharged but doing so will be appreciated.
Note – You will be charged for messages to send at a normal rate (your messages card will also work)