Custom Tag on Facebook

A couple months a go, facebook added a new function that enables users to tag their friends on their comment system (status update and wall comment). By default you can do that simply by typing @ and type any letter then list of your friends with that particular letter will show up. But how about create a custom tag for your friends name? for example, You have a friend named John, you can tag John with another name, for example michael. Interesting, right? You can play more with this trick, for example make your comment fully clickable to your own fan page, etc. Just be more creative.

With this trick, you can even tag people who are not friends with you, as long as you have their facebook ID. Ok, let’s start to show you how to do this. Simply put your comment with this format :

@@[0:[Facebook ID:0:Tag Name]]
  • Facebook ID is the unique id identifying every facebook profile, you can read and find out how to get the facebook id on this post : How To Find Facebook ID
  • Tag Name would be your custom text, this way you can link to your friends’ facebook profile but with whatever text you want.

For example :

@@[0:[1629700400:0:Rajnikant]] your text here…

With this code, you can tag my profile (Shubham Saxena) but with ‘Rajnikant’ as the anchor text. Preview :

Cool isn’t it? Please note that if it doesnt show as it should be, the tag is not clickable or not on the blue colored format, you need to refresh the page, it will show you what you want to see.

Finally I got the way to tag Rajnikant while he is not on my friend list… :D :D