Giveaway for Microsoft Fans

Here’s a chance to win lot of Microsoft goodies, its just a giveaway for the fans of Microsoft Technologies and Innovation Escalator. The goodies to be won are:

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup T-shirt.
  • Microsoft Cloud Computing T-shirt.
  • Authorization to various Microsoft Software (DreamSpark Keys).
  • Plural Sight Subscription for 90-days.
  • And a bumper giveaway which may include a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

There are simple steps which you can follow to make yourself eligible for these giveaways, the more steps you follow more are the chances of you winning and of-course creativity will be another aspect. Steps you may follow are :

  • Like Innovation Escalator and the author Shubham Saxena on facebook.
  • Follow me on twitter @shubham0987.
  • Do something crazy which shows you are a fan of Microsoft Technologies, share any wallpaper or resource kit or any application developed by you, write a blog on this giveaway having a link back to this page, blog about Microsoft Technologies, make videos do anything which shows you madness towards MS Technologies.
  • At last leave a comment here pointing point what all you have done.

Last Date: 12th June, 2011

Winners will be chosen by the set of judges who are developers at Innovation Escalator. So get set and GO.

Giveaway : For all those who love windows phone

Are you passionate enough to win a Windows Phone 7 and other Microsoft merchandise ??
Show your passion and take away the gifts…

Here is what you need to do :

  • Follow @ILWPin on Twitter (Surprise, surprise!) and tweet this post (shameless publicity!).
  • Share some Windows Phone fan thing – A resource (wallpaper, toolkit, etc.) that you’ve created, a useful tip or trick, a fan video, interesting photo, blog post mentioning this giveaway and your thoughts on WP7… you get the drift? Anything, that has Windows Phone ‘interesting-ness.’
  • Leave a comment with pointers to your ‘doing’.
  • Last date for submissions: May 23, 2011.

Note – You need to post your comments on ilovewindowsphone7 .

Several winners would be chosen for the regular prizes, and a set of judges would then pick the best one of the lot for the winner who takes it all.


  • Windows 7 Ultimate: Steve Ballmer signed Commemorative Edition
  • Microsoft branded T-shirts
  • Random product merchandise – stationary stuff, pouches, laptop sleeves, desk enhancements, et al.

~via -  ilovewindowsphone7