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Introduction to Windows Presentation Fondation

By | June 22, 2011

Uh …. hello … I’ll start my first technical article with the technology WindowsPresentation Foundation then it’s my favorite. First, what is Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?Windows Presentation Foundation is the next generation of Microsoft UIframework to create applications with rich user exprience. It is part. NET Framework 3.0 and above. WPF combines applications with graphical user interfaces (2D, 3D), the documentand multimedia. Vector rendering engine uses hardware acceleration of modern graphics cards. This makes the interface faster, scalable and resolution independent following figuregives an overview of the WPF maininnovations Now let’s go further with the separation… Read More »

Windows 7 Run Commands

By | May 22, 2011

There are lots of run commands in windows 7 which makes your work simpler rather than searching that tool in control panel or any where else. Hope this list helps you… hdwwiz.cpl – Device managerappwiz.cpl – Add/remove program wizard control admintools – Administrative Tools azman.msc – Authorization manager calc – Calculator certmgr.msc – Certificate manager… Read More »