What is Datastore in SAP BODS ?

By | December 29, 2016

As we all know, BODS is an ETL tool which extracts, transforms and loads data from different source and to target systems. Datastores in BODS are nothing but connection to these source and target systems. Datastore doesn’t contain any data, it only stores connection details like server name , username , password etc. Depending on various source and target types we can widely classify datastores in three categories.

  1. Database Datastore
  2. Application Datastore
  3. Adapter Datastore

Database Datastore

There are the type of datastore which creates connections for database type source and target system. These generally includes SQL Server, Oracle DB etc.

Application Datastore

There are some applications which can directly be connected to BODS and hence their native functionality can also be used by BODS, the most common type of application datastore is the SAP system source and target. SAP systems have special functionality for extractors and using these application datastore we can avail these functionality and make the most out of it.

Adapter Datastore

These are the type of datastore which are used to extract metadata of the application and pass data for real time and batch jobs. SAP also provides a SDK where we can customize adapters as per our requirements.

Depending on the drivers and databases installed you can view different options available for you to create a new datastore.

Datastore Types in BODS

Let us see a step by step process on how to create a datastore in BODS.

Step 1 : Navigate to local object library and open the datastores tab, right click and choose new.

Creating Datastore in BODS Step 1

Step 2 : Give name to your datastore, and choose datastore type.

The standard naming convention for datastore is “DF_****“, upon choosing the datastore type you will get further options accordingly. Here we are going to create a datastore for MS SQL Server 2012.

Creating Datastore in BODS Step 2

Step 3 : Once you have chosen your datastore type (and database type in this case) further you are required to input details for the server (i.e. database name, username, password etc)

Creating Datastore in BODS Step 3

Once you are done with the details, just press “Apply” and “Ok” and you will be able to see you datastore under local objects library, which is “DS_SQL” in our case.

Creating Datastore in BODS Step 4

Voila!! it is done.

Now you know that creating a datastore is a not much of a task, all you need is the server and user details for it. It can become tricky sometimes while using Application Datastores but a quick help from the server management team can help you go through this.

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